4k Apple TV, What We Know So Far

4k apple TV

A well as the new iPhone 8 there will also be a number of other devices announced at Apple’s press event next week, one of those will be the new 4K Apple TV.

The new Apple TV will be Apple’s fifth generation Apple TV, the first Apple TV was introduced back in January of 2007.

The design of the new 4K Apple TV is expected to be similar to that of the current device. The hardware inside will be different but it is expected to look the same on the outside. We heard recently that Apple is looking to charge around $20 for a 4K movie although the studios apparently want them to charge more.

This will be the first set top box from Apple to support 4K movies and TV shows, these will be available through iTunes and also through various streaming services like Netflix on the device.

Apple’s new TV set top box is expected to get a new processor and more RAM than the current device, we are also expecting it to come with more storage. The current Apple TV comes with a choice of 32GB and 64GB of storage, we can expect at least double this on the new devices.

When Apple introduced their fourth generation Apple TV back in 2016 the device came with apps and games, these will also be available on the new 4K device.

We will have more information about the new Apple TV when it is made official at Apple’s iPhone 8 event next week. Apple’s press event takes place at the Steve Jobs Theater at their new Apple Campus next Tuesday the 12th of September.

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