Apple May Put Blood Pressure Monitoring On The Apple Watch

Since the Apple Watch was launched, Apple has added more health tracking features. The smartwatch debuted with a heart rate monitor, then they added an ECG monitor, and then more recently, a blood oxygen monitor. Next up could be blood pressure monitoring.

Apple World Today discovered a patent filed by Apple that suggests that the company is toying with the idea of including a blood pressure monitoring tool in the Apple Watch. Right now, measuring blood pressure requires an external device that uses oscillometry cuffs.

They are also bulky and not very portable, which is why having the feature built into a smartwatch could be good. Apple acknowledges that a smartwatch might not provide the most accurate readings, which is why the patent also says that the watch could make some corrections to make the readings more accurate. It would be a bold plan.

The tools built into the Apple Watch are not designed to replace medical grade equipment, but they can be used on the spot to take initial readings, which could still save lives. The wearer can then go to a medical professional for a followup.

It is only a patent so we don’t know if Apple plans to make it a reality.

Source Ubergizmo

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