Apple’s iOS 9.3 Is Apparently Apple’s Most Stable Release In Years

iOS 9.3

Apple recently released their new iOS 9.3 software update, there have been a few problems with the update including activation errors and also issues with web links in Safari.

According to a recent report by research firm Apteligent, iOS 9.3 is one of Apple’s most stable releases in the last few years.

The average crash rate over the past eight days is 2.2%, by far the most stable iOS version. For the sake of comparison, that’s better than any current Android release, including the most recent Android Marshmallow, which stands at 2.6%.

iOS 9.3

Apple has released a couple of new versions of iOS 9.3 over the last week to fix the activation bugs that were affecting some older devices. The company has also said that they are working on a fix for the web link bug in Safari on iOS devices.

Adoptions of iOS 9.3 appears to be good with around 37.5 percent of devices running the software in just eight days.

Source Apteligent

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