Beak origami inspired multifunctional phone stand

Beak origami inspired iPhone standBeak is a new origami inspired iPhone stand which can be used to secure your phone in the hand or aid in viewing media in either landscape or portrait modes depending on your situation. Designed in Japan beak fits on the rear of your phone and features a folding design allowing it to be used in a wide variety of different ways.

Early bird pledges are now available for the inventive phone stand from roughly $20 or £15 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a considerable discount of approximately 30% off the final retail price, while the Kickstarter crowd funding is under way. If the Beak campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and the project completion progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around October 2021. To learn more about the Beak phone stand project checkout the promotional video below.

” the “beak” phone stand is inspired by the traditional Japanese “origami” is the new evolution of popsockets and rings. In Japan, it’s common to fold origami while praying; born from Japanese prayer culture, the “beak” makes you feel the life of a bird, while also a functional product for everyday use. “

“Our product’s priority revolves around never dropping your phone. We have developed a grip stand for smartphones improving the security and comfort. The cost of repairing a broken screen is not cheap, and can take days to complete. “beak” will be a product that allows you to treat your smartphone with great care for a long time.”

“The triangular body and finger hole of the phone stand is the secret to the unprecedented grip and comfort. With conventional smartphone stands, the holes are too large, leading to a lack of grip and comfort.”

For a complete list of all available campaign pledges, stretch goals, extra media and full specifications for the phone stand, jump over to the official Beak crowd funding campaign page by checking out the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

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