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Eve iOS app update

Smart home accessory maker Eve has released a new update to their iOS application in the form of Eve 4.2. Bringing with it a wealth of small improvements throughout all areas of the application. New Eve settings allow you to personalise your home down to the finest detail. Eve now securely shares your Eve settings between all your iOS devices using your personal iCloud account, taking it easy to update and maintain your smart home automations.

“As you would expect from us, this feature is built with uncompromising privacy in mind. Your Eve settings never touch any server beyond Apple’s own iCloud – no Eve server, and no other proprietary cloud. They are shared using native iOS CloudKit technology and secured using all of the mechanisms you’ve come to expect from your iCloud-powered ecosystem, such as two-factor authentication and on-device Core Data security mechanisms. The current status and values of your HomeKit-enabled devices, including previous measurements and other historical accessory data, are not shared among devices and are exclusively stored locally on your iOS device.”

“While smart home cameras have been around for a long time, the introduction of HomeKit Secure Video has finally addressed all of the security concerns that come with them. Live video never touches any cloud, and cameras can get switched off reliably and completely once any family member arrives home. And back on when everyone’s left. All while clearly indicating their status with a clearly visible LED.

As home is your most private space, this assurance of never even offering the potential of being observed without your knowledge is a game-changer for smart home cameras. And Eve 4.2 is here to empower you to get the most out of your HomeKit-enabled cameras when you need them.”

For more information on the latest features added in the Eve 4.2 update jump over to the official Eve blog for a full rundown.

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