New Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 Case Costs $5,000

Louis Vuitton iPhone 7

The latest Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 case could be their most expensive yet, the new Eye Trunk case for Apple’s iPhone 7 will set you back a massive $5,050.

There is also a version of the vase for the iPhone 7 Plus which is even more expensive at $5,500 and other versions of the case which start at $1,250.

The Eye-Trunk for iPhone 7 in precious Golden Crocodile leather seen at Louis Vuitton Fashion Show pays a tribute to the House origins as a trunk designer. More than a protective cover, this new Nicolas Ghesquière statement establishes itself as the ultimate fashionable accessory of the season.

You can find out more details about the new Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 Case over at the company’s website at the link below.

Source Louis Vuitton, Slashgear

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