OLED iPhone 8 Could Start At $999

Oled iPhone 8

We are expecting to see three new iPhone 8 handsets this year and the most expensive model will be the new OLED iPhone 8.

Previously we have heard that the OLED iPhone 8 is expected to cost more than $1,000 and according to Goldman Sachs Analyst Simona Jankowski, prices for the handset will start at $999.

There will apparently be two storage options for Apple’s OLED iPhone 8, a 128GB  model which is rumored to cost $999 and a 256GB model which is rumored to cost $1,099.

Relative to the 128GB iPhone 7 Plus, we estimate the new features and higher commodity prices to increase the bill of materials by over $70, which we expect Apple to offset via a $130 price increase, resulting in a starting price of $999 for the 128GB capacity and $1,099 for the 256GB capacity (we don’t expect the iPhone 8 to come in 32GB).

Apple is also expected to launch two other iPhone 8 handsets this year, both of these will have an LCD display and will come with a 4.7 inch display and a 5.5 inch display, the OLED iPhone 8 is expected to have a 5.8 inch display.

All three versions of the new iPhone 8 will come with a new Apple A11 processor and also iOS 11 which will be announced at WWDC next month. Apple are also expected to update the cameras in this years iPhones.

It will be interesting to see what the new iPhone 8 range is like, the handset will also get a new design with an aluminum chassis and a glass back.

Source MacRumors

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