Pixelmator 2.5 iOS update adds files browser and more

Pixelmator 2.5

Creators of the awesome Pixelmator iOS photo editing application, have today rolled out a new update which brings with it a wealth of new features including a brand-new file-based document browser. Providing a more familiar document management system to arrange and store and quickly access your files, drawings and photos.

“Pixelmator 2.5 adds a new photo browser that makes it easier to browse and open images from your Photos library, and new image size presets that let you quickly create new images with common sizes.”

Features of Pixelmator 2.5 include:

– Use the new Files-based document browser to open and manage all your Pixelmator documents.
– Thanks to the new browser, it’s now easier to open and edit images in iCloud, on your device, in external locations, or even in third-party cloud storage services.
– With a brand new photo browser, you can now browse and open images in your Photos library more easily than ever.
– Use the new image size presets to quickly create new images with common sizes.
– Take Photo and Open Most Recent Photo have been added as quick actions.
– The selected Flash mode will be preserved after closing and reopening the Camera.
– The strength of the True Tone effect will now be reduced when editing in Pixelmator.
– If certain third-party apps used the PXM extension for their files, having those apps installed could prevent Pixelmator from creating or opening files. Fixed.
– Fixed a number of memory management issues.
– The Pixelmator for iOS Help would sometimes be displayed incorrectly. Fixed.
– Having the Full Keyboard Access accessibility setting turned on would cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.

Pixelmator is available to purchase priced at $4.99.

Source : Pixelmator

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