Things task manage now runs separately on Apple Watch

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Developers Culture Code responsible for creating the excellent Things task manager for iOS and Mac devices. Has this week released an update making the application available as a stand-alone Apple Watch app allowing you to quickly and tasks from your wrist without the need to use your iPhone.

“Since New Year, we’ve been working on a big update – and it’s all about modernizing Things for Apple Watch. All the app’s internal parts have been rebuilt, it now syncs directly with Things Cloud, and we’ve added some much-requested features! Syncing directly with Things Cloud is far superior to the previous implementation, and we couldn’t be more excited to get this into your hands.”

“Even when you’re away from your phone, the watch syncs instantly with the cloud and you can be confident that you’re always looking at the latest data. When you enter a project, for example, or a to-do with a checklist, you’ll no longer have to wait for that content to load. Everything is already on your watch and ready to go. We’ve also improved the quality of data on the watch face. Since both your phone and watch now sync to the cloud, we’re at liberty to choose whichever data is more recent and display that in your complication. After all, you want to be sure when you glance at your wrist that the info’s up to date.”

Jump over to the official Things website for pricing and a complete list of features.

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