Things To-Do App Update 3.6 Takes iPad App To Next Level

Things 3.6

Users of the awesome Things to-do application will be interested to know that a new update has been rolled out this week in the form of Things 3.6 which has been created to take the Things iPad application “to the next level”. Now available to download check out the video below to learn more about what you can expect from Things 3.6 when using it on iOS devices especially Apple’s iPad.

The developers of Things Culture Code explain little more. “For this update we had one goal: make our iPad app truly desktop-class. To achieve this, we had to substantially improve support for external keyboards – and by that we don’t just mean adding a few more shortcuts. In fact, adding more shortcuts was only possible because of one of the key features in this release: the ability to select items from the keyboard.”

“The lists you make in Things are constantly changing, so editing them has to be easy. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to make this feel as frictionless as possible on touch devices: insert items anywhere with the Magic Plus button, select items quickly with a left swipe, multi-select items by swiping down the circles on the right, and reorder items (even a multi-selection) via drag and drop.

The easy-ness of these list editing controls on iOS is something we’re proud of. But as soon as you attach a keyboard to your iPad, all that magic goes away. Almost every list editing action requires you to lift your hand off the keyboard and touch the screen, which gets exhausting.”

A full list of all the new features specifications and functions available in the Things 3.6 to-do app jump over to the official Culture Code website by following the link below.

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