TOOYN wireless charger and USB-C hub

TOOYN wireless charger and USB-C hub

TOOYN is a new versatile multi-port charger offering USB-C, 4K HDMI, USB-A together with a handy microSD card slot and SD card reader. The TOOYN Mac charger is also capable of wirelessly charging your iWatch, iPhone, Airpods and includes a handy USB-C help making it easy to connect additional peripherals to your Apple MacBook or laptop. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more.

TOOYN wireless charger and USB-C hub

TOOYN is available from $88. “Tooyn Charger is more than just a Type-C Charger. Incorporated inside are 2 fast charging USB 3.0 QC ports that will charge any device at lightning speeds. The extra USB-C input, HDMI port and 2 different sized SD/Memory Card slots will ensure your being always connected to your environment. Tooyn Charger also incorporates a built-in wireless charger for your phone and iWatch. No more extra cables! Just rest your phone on Tooyn and get charging!”

“The Tooyn Charger was conceptualized with a team of designers. We chose a form and aesthetics that complement your Mac becoming an extension of the laptop itself. Presented in color combinations that suit your personal laptop, there is a Tooyn perfect for you. To perfectly suit your laptop we developed the Tooyn Charger in colors most compelling to the modern laptops. Available in three options: Space Grey, Silver and Rose Gold. Coated in Aluminium and Acrylic glass, the Tooyn Chargers are perfect both in looks and functionality.”

Features of the TOOYN include :

– Laptop Charger
– iPhone Wireless Charger
– Apple Watch Wireless Charger
– Apple AirPods Wireless Charger
– USB-C Hub: 2 USB-A QC 3.0; 4K HDMI; SD/MC slot; MicroSD slot
– Additional High Capacity Power Bank

Source: Indiegogo

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