Transform your old phone into a MIDI foot controller

MIDI foot controller The unique Cardboard Footswitch priced at €40 or roughly $47 allows musicians to utilize other unused older iPhone technology to build MIDI foot controllers. The unique kiit allows you to transform an old iPhone into a MIDI footswitch or expression pedal in just a few minutes and can then be connected to any Bluetooth system such as your iMac or MacBook.

“Control MIDI with your iPhone. If you produce your own music at home, you may already have too many MIDI controllers on your desk. You may need your hands to play an instrument or tweak other controls, so just use your feet! The MIDI Foodswitch gives you full versatility, has two buttons that can be used to toggle devices on or off, trigger loops, or whatever else you can think of.”

“Your iPhone and the Cardboard Footswitch app are the heart of the device, and the cardboard pedal lets you control the effect. The pedal design is very reliable and strong, it works flawlessly. Durability? No worries. The Cardboard Footswitch is iPhone compatible and can be a great way to revive your older model. The app is supported by all phones from the first generation SE model, and the pedal has a specially adapted tray for this and all subsequent iPhone models.”

For more information on the unique product which transforms your iPhone into a MIDI foot controller jump over to the Beat Bars website for full specifications and assembly instructions and connect it to your MacOS system using Bluetooth.

Source : Liliputing : Cardboard Footswitch

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